Meta’s new productive artificial intelligence features for advertisers in Turkiye

Meta has started to offer its first artificial intelligence-supported features for creating original advertising content in Ads Manager in certain countries, including Turkiye. These features, which are planned to be available worldwide next year, aim to maximize productivity, personalization and performance in the field of content creation.

Meta’s new Background Creation, Visual Editing and Text Suggestions features will contribute to AI-powered experiences and tools designed for businesses:

  • Background Creation: Allows advertisers to tailor their images to different audiences by creating multiple backgrounds to support their product images.
  • Visual Editing: Saves time and resources on redesigning ad content to fit different aspect ratios, such as Stream or Reels.
  • Text Suggestions: Builds on the advertiser’s original text and creates multiple versions, highlighting the salient aspects of their product/service and providing them with multiple text options to better reach their target audience.

Generative artificial intelligence increases efficiency

Meta stated that in a survey it conducted with advertisers who participated in the initial tests, it observed that generative artificial intelligence increased efficiency for advertisers and saved significant time and resources. According to the survey, half of advertisers anticipate saving five hours or more per week. At the same time, these features have been shown to reduce editing time by allowing multiple types of content to be created quickly. Additionally, nearly all advertisers think the products tested in AI Sandbox will help marketers improve campaign performance by enabling faster development of a greater variety of content.

Meta continues its investments in artificial intelligence

Meta underlines that productive AI investments focus on helping marketers launch and test their advertising content faster and easily reach their target audiences. Emphasizing that today’s productive artificial intelligence-supported advertising features are just the beginning, Meta stated at the Connect 2023 event that businesses will soon be able to use artificial intelligence to interact with customers in business chats on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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