LG introduces brighter ‘OLED EX’ display to compete with Mini-LED technology

LG on Wednesday unveiled a new generation of its OLED panels called “OLED EX,” which comes to increase brightness by up to 30% and thus compete with Mini-LED technology. The new panel also offers improved color accuracy and is thinner than regular OLED displays.

As explained by LG, “OLED EX” stands for “Evolution and Experience” as the new technology promises to fix some of OLED’s limitations. The company claims that the new display is up to 30% brighter “compared to conventional OLED displays,” which typically have brightness levels between 500 and 600 nits.

The new panel uses deuterium compounds to make the light-emitting diodes emit stronger light. Another improvement achieved with LG’s OLED EX is better color accuracy with lower distortion,which is a problem for some OLED panels compared to LCD displays.

In addition to improvements in brightness and color, EX panels are also about 30% thinner than traditional OLED panels, which is great for smartphones and tablets.

As noted by Engadget, this comes as Mini-LED technology emerges as an alternative to OLED, as Mini-LED can achieve brightness levels of up to 2,000 nits with high color accuracy. While OLED EX is still far from having super high brightness like Mini-LED, it will certainly make OLED more attractive to those who prefer perfect blacks on the screen with the pixels having individual lighting.

LG doesn’t say when the new OLED EX technology will be available in the market,but we can expect to see it in multiple devices in a few years.

While Apple is bringing Mini-LED to some of its products like the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, the company is also rumored to introduce OLED to some iPad models next year, as the technology is cheaper than Mini-LED.


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