Microsoft reveals 75% of workers embrace AI at work

Last year sees 142-fold increase in skills like Copilot and ChatGPT added to LinkedIn profiles, report finds

Microsoft on Wednesday has unveiled its fourth annual Work Trend Index report, revealing 75% of knowledge workers worldwide utilize generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work.

Use of generative AI has nearly doubled in the last six months and 46% of users started using it in this period according to the report. Microsoft noted employees are using it without guidance or clearance from the top, as leaders face AI inertia.

Report suggests while 79% of leaders recognize the necessity of adopting AI for competitiveness but they worry about cybersecurity and data privacy.

AI is reshaping careers

Two out of three employers stated they wouldn’t hire someone lacking AI skills, and 71% prefer less experienced candidates with AI skills over more experienced ones without,according to the report. As a result, last year saw a 142-fold increase in skills like Copilot and ChatGPT added to LinkedIn profiles.

According to the report, 68% of people admit struggling with workload pace and volume, with 46% experiencing burnout. However, power users, people who engage with AI several times a week, reported increased creativity (92%), better focus (93%), higher motivation (91%), and greater job satisfaction (91%). They also save over 30 minutes daily, the report suggests.

Work Trend Index Annual Report conducts global, industry-spanning surveys as well as observational studies to offer unique insights on the trends reshaping work for every employee and leader.

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