Miilux OY’s domestic armor steels attract great attention at IDEF’23

In addition to the new armor steel Protection 360T, the company’s high-strength heat-treated structural steel and submarine construction steel, which the company is working on to add to its product range, are introduced at the fair.

The products exhibited by Miilux OY, the armor steel manufacturer within OYAK, at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF), draw great interest from domestic and foreign visitors and companies.

The International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF’23), which is one of the largest defense industry meetings in the world and has become an important promotion, marketing and cooperation platform in this field, continues.

The fair, which is organized under the auspices of the Presidency, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV), and organized by Tuyap Tum Fuarcilik Yapim Inc., is held at Tuyap Fair and Congress Center.

Miilux OY, one of the OYAK companies participating in the fair, introduces Protection 360T as well as new armor steel solutions. High-strength heat-treated structural steel and submarine construction steel, which the company is working on to add to its product range, will also meet with the visitors at the event.

The Protection 360T, which will be used in tank and armored vehicle projects where thicker materials are needed, is aimed to meet the needs of the domestic defense industry in particular. The product is expected to attract great interest abroad as well.

Miilux OY is also expanding its high-strength heat-treated structural steel family to be used in projects and areas with demanding load bearing needs. It is working in this context.

Miilux OY, which also carries out studies for two new product groups called high-strength heat-treated structural steel and submarine construction steel, aims to reduce foreign dependency in submarine construction steel with high-strength heat-treated structural steel, which has not been produced in Turkiye before. Developing products in HY-80, HY-100 and HY-130 grades, which are mostly used in welded productions and have high yields, Miilux OY aims to present these products to the defense industry in the near future.

‘All products brought from abroad are now produced in Turkiye’

Miilux OY Turkiye General Manager Yavuz Yeldan, in his statement to the AA correspondent at IDEF’23, stated that they showed up at the world’s leading defense industry fair and said that this year’s participation in the event was quite high.

Yeldan said, “There is a very high interest in us at the fair. We have products with high added value that we have introduced for the first time locally and nationally. We had the opportunity to exhibit these products at the fair.’

Yeldan stated that Miilux, which was purchased with a strategic investment to strengthen domestic production by OYAK, was produced in Manisa.

“Our country was subject to great restrictions, especially on armor steel, and in response to these restrictions, a factory was established in Manisa and production started after this company was purchased. With this investment, we started to produce armor steel in Turkiye without being dependent on abroad in any way. Armor steel products, which were completely supplied from abroad until 2019, can now be produced in Turkiye.’

‘There are many visitors interested in Miilux’

Yavuz Yeldan, talking about the products they exhibited at the fair, said, “We also produced our submarine steel, which is the first steel produced by Turkiye and which you can see in the market in Turkiye for the first time at the fair. This is really a very important production for us. Because we have produced national submarine steel, which is completely domestic, and all possibilities are fully met from Turkiye.’

Noting that armor steel is the main material of all armored vehicles, Yeldan said, “The most used product when producing these vehicles is armor steel. Even if you say ‘what does it provide’, of course, we protect the lives of our personnel, soldiers, police and all our security forces. We make them feel safe.’

Yeldan stated that they saw serious demand from domestic and foreign visitors at the fair and concluded his words as follows:

‘At the end of each visit, we always communicate. Although we have only left the first day behind, we have held meetings with 4-5 foreign companies. We will be communicating with even more companies in the coming days. This year, there was a very intense foreign demand for the fair. Currently, there are many visitors from Turkiye and abroad who are interested in us as visitors and as a company.’

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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