Minister of Industry and Technology Kacır: We are Present Across Every Corner of Turkiye

Minister of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, addressed the media following his visit to the Yalova Governorship, stating that they began the Ramadan period in the beautiful city of Yalova, Turkey. He expressed their intention to have a delightful day, engaging with local businesses.

Minister Kacır informed the public about the upcoming inauguration of five factories and groundbreaking ceremonies for 20 others in the organized industrial zone. He also mentioned the launch of Regional Development Projects, emphasizing the significant step they would take by inaugurating the first fruit juice factory in the region, focusing on the cultivation of berry-like fruits, to contribute to Yalova and the Turkish economy in the coming period.

Responding to questions about the statements made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İmamoğlu regarding 17 ministers being assigned to election duties in Istanbul, Minister Kacır stated:

“In every corner of Turkey, our fellow ministers and we are indeed present. Not only in Istanbul but in every part of Turkey; not only during the election season but consistently, we continue our efforts. Just a few days ago, I was in Zonguldak, Batman, Giresun. All our ministers, across every corner of Turkey, persistently contribute to the economic development journey of Turkey, especially in their respective fields. Ultimately, we are responsible for all cities in Turkey. We exert efforts to fulfill our responsibilities. I believe that the questions should be directed to the Istanbul candidate of the Republican People’s Party. Last year, he declared himself as the imaginary Vice President during the presidential and parliamentary elections, conducting rallies 700 kilometers away from Istanbul. While conducting those rallies, was he solving Istanbul’s transportation problems? Was he working on addressing the earthquake issues in his city, or was he more concerned about his fame than the well-being of his city, conducting imaginary Vice Presidential rallies a thousand kilometers away from Istanbul? These are the questions that should be directed to him.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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