Minister of Industry and Technology: We Accomplished 100-Year Projects in 22 Years

Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır stated, “In our defense industry, where we have increased our domestic production rate to 80% and raised our exports to 5.5 billion dollars, we have compressed 100-year projects into 22 years.” He made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the Rhofa Energy Engineering Factory located in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), expressing his hopes for this facility, which strengthens the country’s production and export capabilities in renewable energy technologies, to bring blessings to Turkey and the energy sector.

Emphasizing the increasing importance of green transformation and energy independence in this critical period, Kacır stated, “With the insistence, assertion, and strong leadership of our President, we are building Turkey, which produces and develops critical technologies, with the understanding that our economic and political independence depends on our technological independence. Witnessing a transformation where our defense industry plays a leading role in line with the goals of the National Technology Move, we are continuing our march towards making the second century of our Republic the Century of Turkey, with a full understanding of independence. The bitter experiences of the past have shown us that the survival of Turkey, a safe harbor within the ring of fire, is only possible by developing national and original technologies in the defense industry.”

Kacır expressed that Turkey continues to grow every year through the ongoing efforts and achievements in its defense industry.

Highlighting the significant progress made by Turkey in the defense industry, Minister Kacır stated, “We have made significant strides in 22 years. In our defense industry, where we have increased our domestic production rate to 80% and raised our exports to 5.5 billion dollars, we have compressed 100-year projects into 22 years. As the whole world acknowledges, Turkey’s national and original defense industry products have disrupted geopolitical balances and changed warfare paradigms worldwide. With our engineers, scientists, technicians, and entrepreneurs, we continue our march towards making the second century of our Republic the Century of Turkey, with a full understanding of independence.”

Kacır emphasized that, in line with the vision of the National Technology Move, they will continue to take steps to strengthen capabilities in all critical and strategic sectors.

Stating that the development and use of renewable energy technologies have become a priority, Kacır noted, “For Turkey, which exports more than 40% of its exports to the European Union (EU), it is not just a preference but a necessity to urgently establish a green transformation infrastructure in line with the European Union Green Deal for sustainable development. Therefore, as the key to building a prosperous country in the Turkey Century, we see it as imperative to ensure the use of alternative energy sources, especially renewable energy sources, and to strengthen our production and technology development capabilities in these areas.”

Kacır mentioned that the capabilities achieved in tower, blade, and generator production have made Turkey one of the top 5 countries in wind turbine component production in Europe, and they also support entrepreneurs and industrialists in solar energy, which is considered an important future energy source.

Explaining that they have provided approximately 4 billion Turkish lira in support for more than 300 R&D projects in the field of solar energy, Kacır said, “Since 2002, we have provided support totaling 2.6 billion Turkish lira to more than 1,500 projects and over a thousand scientists in the field of solar energy within the scope of TÜBİTAK’s scholarship and support programs. We have specialized in all stages of the supply chain for solar panel production and become a leader in Europe.”

Kacır emphasized that the facility they inaugurated has an annual production capacity of 500,000 panels on a 16,000-square-meter area and will take Turkey’s existing production capabilities in solar panels one step further.

Stating that Turkey ranks first in solar panel production in Europe and fourth globally, Minister Kacır said, “However, our goal is to continuously improve our country’s production capabilities and rank higher. I especially want to emphasize that Turkey is the only country in the region capable of meeting the demand for 400 gigawatt-hours of electricity production capacity from solar panels that will be generated in Europe by 2030. By 2035, we will ensure the use of domestically produced solar panels in solar power plants, where we aim to increase our capacity to 53 gigawatts in our country.”

Governor of Tekirdağ Recep Soytürk and Chairman of the Board of Rhofa Energy Engineering Factory Hazreti Akdemir also spoke at the event.

In attendance were AK Party Tekirdağ Deputies Mestan Özcan, Çiğdem Koncagül, Gökhan Diktaş, AK Party Tekirdağ Provincial Chairman Ali Gümüş, and industrialists.

Following the speeches, protocol members toured the factory.

“We are working enthusiastically on our investment, employment, production, and export-focused economic model in the Turkey Century” Minister Kacır, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Pelsan-Telasis Textile Factories located in the Çerkezköy OIZ, expressed his satisfaction with being in Tekirdağ, the showcase city of Thrace and the country, with its fertile lands and strong industrial infrastructure.

Expressing his hope for the success of facilities that will strengthen the country’s export and production infrastructure in textile products, Kacır said, “The world is going through a turbulent period where trade rules are being rewritten. In this process, global power struggles, technological development, digital transformation, and planned industrialization are experienced. There is no doubt that countries that build strong R&D, innovation, and production ecosystems will be influential in the future. As Turkey, we continue our efforts to increase independence in critical technologies, increase value-added production and high-tech exports, ensure qualified employment, and achieve comprehensive development goals.”

Kacır emphasized that with large-scale investments and long-term policies implemented, they are taking steps that will propel the country forward in industry and technology.

“We are the world leader in military drones” Minister of Industry and Technology Kacır stated that Turkey continues to grow every year.

Highlighting that Turkey has become a country that increases its integration with the world and enhances its competitive power by adapting to critical technologies, Kacır said, “There is a Turkey that solidifies its stability and success in the industrial sector with sustainability, innovation, and qualified human resources day by day. With our strong production infrastructure, we are the European leader in commercial vehicle production. We are the world leader in military drone production. We are the leader in white goods production in Europe and second in the world. We are the leader in solar panel production in Europe and fourth in the world. We are the number one producer of cement and iron-steel in Europe.”

Minister Kacır stated that Turkish industry has become a key actor in the country’s economy and development, saying, “In the Turkey Century, we are working with passion to reach our country to prosperous tomorrows without compromising on our investment, employment, production, invention, and export-focused economic model. We are realizing our planned industrialization moves all over our country and demonstrating a production approach that includes added value.”

Kacır stated that one of the locomotive sectors of the production approach in industry is the textile sector.

Explaining that Turkey has proven itself in the textile sector in Europe and worldwide, Kacır emphasized that they exported products to 199 countries and free zones in the sector, realizing exports of 14.6 billion dollars last year.

Stating that they strengthened the sector with R&D and investment incentives as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Kacır continued, “In the last 22 years, we issued investment incentive certificates for 15,679 textile investments, incentivizing fixed investments worth 1.1 trillion Turkish lira and opening the way for more than one million new employments. Today, 45 of our companies in technoparks play a key role in the development of R&D and innovation capacity in textiles. Our 78 R&D and 54 design centers strengthen our production infrastructure in textiles.”

Minister Kacır stated that the total investment size of Pelsan-Telasis Textile Factories is 90 million dollars.

Explaining that the facilities aim for organic and sustainable production with an environmentally friendly production infrastructure, Kacır stated that when the facilities start operating at full capacity, they will provide employment opportunities for 900 people.

Kacır stated that they provide necessary support in the production journey of the facilities with investment incentives and said, “We will continue to open the way for investments and support all over our country to ensure comprehensive development and spread prosperity to all segments of society.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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