Minister of Trade Bolat: Progressing Towards Our Goals Every Day

Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat expressed satisfaction with the recent elevation of Turkey’s credit rating by the international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings, stating, “We are getting closer every day to our goals of increasing exports, reducing imports, and lowering the current account deficit, aiming for further improvement in our credit rating. This is achievable through collaboration with our domestic and national business community.”

Fitch Ratings recently raised Turkey’s credit rating, a development welcomed by Minister Bolat. Commenting on the rating upgrade, he emphasized the importance of concerted efforts to enhance Turkey’s economic indicators.

“Our domestic and national business community is playing a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of our credit rating. By increasing exports, reducing imports, and lowering the current account deficit, we are steadily approaching our goals,” Minister Bolat remarked.

Hailing the positive impact of Turkey’s rule-based and predictable policies, as recognized by Fitch Ratings, Minister Bolat shared the Anadolu Agency’s news on his social media account.

In his official statement, Minister Bolat highlighted the ongoing commitment to assert Turkey’s voice in the global market with trade diplomacy. “With our trade diplomacy, we will continue to be the global representative of Turkey in the international arena,” he declared, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong presence in the global market.

As Turkey moves closer to its objectives of economic stability and growth, Minister Bolat’s remarks underscore the significance of collaborative efforts with the business community to fortify the nation’s position on the international stage.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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