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Turkey preps action plan for digitalized transportation

Aim is to create sustainable smart transportation network using national resources, technologies, says transport minister

Turkey’s Transport and Infrastructure Ministry announced Wednesday that it has prepared an action plan to create a sustainable intelligent transportation network.

Under the 2020-2023 plan, a total of 31 actions have been set to achieve five strategic goals, including sustainable smart mobility, ensuring road and driving safety, creating a livable environment, conscious society and data sharing.

Incentive mechanisms will be established for the development of national technologies on smart transportation systems.

Studies on autonomous systems, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, and new generation communication technologies will be included in supporting programs.

“We will accelerate the transition process of efficient, safe, effective, innovative, dynamic, environmentally friendly, value-added, and sustainable smart transportation systems in all modes of transportation,” Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoglu said in a written statement.

According to the action plan, an application that will serve as an example for the development of smart car park projects will be developed for parking problems in the metropolitan cities, which are one of the main causes of traffic jam, to solve parking problems and save time and fuel.

Also an infrastructure will be established to provide online monitoring of the empty parking lots in the car parks.

Until 2022, a charging station for electric vehicles will be installed at a suitable point in the parking lot.

A common payment system will be developed to be used across the country, and it will be possible to travel in all public transportation vehicles using it.

Electronic systems that will prevent accidents will be implemented in accident black spots.

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