Minister: Striving to Implement Projects to Make Turkiye Energy Independent

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Alparslan Bayraktar expressed efforts to realize policies and projects aimed at making Turkey self-sufficient and independent in energy.

During a visit to the Bergama Organized Industrial Zone in Izmir, Minister Bayraktar emphasized the importance of the region in the energy sector and highlighted Turkey’s potential in various energy sources, despite a significant trade deficit in energy.

Minister Bayraktar outlined the government’s goal of reducing the trade deficit and achieving energy independence through utilizing domestic resources, particularly renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

He also mentioned significant gas discoveries in the Black Sea and efforts to increase domestic natural gas production to meet household needs.

Addressing the importance of using local equipment in energy projects, Minister Bayraktar emphasized the need for Turkey to become a manufacturer of renewable energy equipment to harness its full potential in the sector.

Furthermore, Minister Bayraktar discussed Turkey’s significant potential in gold production and emphasized the importance of responsible mining practices for sustainable economic growth.

In his remarks, Minister Bayraktar stressed the importance of safe mining practices and environmental responsibility, highlighting the need for adherence to safety regulations in the mining sector.

He also emphasized the importance of urban transformation in solving traffic, environmental, and air pollution problems in cities, endorsing Sadık Doğruer, the AK Party’s mayoral candidate for Bergama.

Minister Bayraktar was accompanied by AK Party officials including Eyyüp Kadir İnan, the AK Party Youth Branch Chairman and Izmir Deputy, Alpay Özalan, an Izmir Deputy, Hakan Koştu, the Mayor of Bergama, and Sadık Doğruer, the AK Party’s mayoral candidate for Bergama.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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