New Investments Unveiled in Defense Industry

Haluk Görgün, the President of the Defense Industry Presidency, emphasized the significance of defense industry developments in line with the country’s foreign policy strategy. Speaking to reporters, he highlighted that defense industry topics are consistently on the agenda in international delegations, meetings, and visits.

Görgün shared insights on various aspects of the defense industry with the AA news agency, addressing ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance regarding the financing of exports. He stated that the Ministry is a crucial partner for developments in this direction and emphasized their openness to discussions related to the defense industry.

Regarding the infrastructure capacity to meet the demand for defense industry products from various countries, Görgün provided information, stating that all negotiations take into account the capabilities of the infrastructure. He also discussed the investments made by companies in crucial infrastructure for serial production and emphasized the gradual openings of these facilities.

Görgün emphasized the commitment to expanding capacities judiciously, ensuring that excuses such as insufficient infrastructure or workforce are never used. He highlighted the meticulous planning involved in ensuring that promises are kept in a timely manner.

In the aerospace sector, especially in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Görgün noted a significant demand. He commended companies like BAYKAR and TUSAŞ for their global leadership and stated that their plans align with fulfilling orders and delivering on time.

Addressing the reliability of UAV deliveries, Görgün mentioned that no complaints have been received about the delivery times. He emphasized the importance of honesty, trust, and ethical business practices, pointing out the exemplary performance of BAYKAR in keeping their promises.

Görgün discussed the recent discussions on defense industry cooperation during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Egypt. He noted that concrete outcomes would emerge shortly, emphasizing that UAVs are often the first topic of discussion when engaging with any country on defense matters.

Highlighting President Erdoğan’s unwavering support for the localization and nationalization of the defense industry, Görgün acknowledged his crucial role in motivating and supporting the sector both nationally and internationally.

Looking ahead, Görgün mentioned that several announcements and positive developments in the defense industry are expected before March, showcasing their commitment to progress in different fields, platforms, and systems.

Görgün also touched upon educational initiatives for young talent in the defense industry. He mentioned the collaboration with academic institutions and the establishment of defense industry academies, aligning various programs to enhance the skills and competencies of individuals from different backgrounds.

In conclusion, Görgün stressed the importance of long-term, high-quality, and technically equipped human resources in shaping the future of the defense industry. He shared ongoing collaborations with the Ministry of National Education to encourage the opening of vocational and technical Anatolian high schools, highlighting the growing interest in these institutions due to the emphasis placed on the defense industry.

source: / prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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