New railways and roads were planned for the Development Road and Zangezur Corridor

Tenders were held and investment amounts were determined for the roads and railways planned by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure within the scope of the Development Road Project and Zangezur Corridor.

The Development Road Project, which will transport the cargo coming to Iraq via India, East Asia and the Persian Gulf to Europe via railway and road connections, starting from the Great Port, continues with the investments of the Turkish and Iraqi governments.

The project will play an important role for goods coming to the port from major countries such as China and India.

The project is expected to provide potential benefit to a wide geography stretching from Europe to the Gulf Region. The Development Road, which is described as the most economical way to connect the mentioned route, will further strengthen Turkiye’s position on the new Silk Road.

With the project, the cargo handled in the Persian Gulf will be delivered to Europe via Turkiye, without transfer, thanks to Marmaray.

320 kilometers of highway was planned for the Development Road Project

In the Development Road Project, the Turkish and Iraqi governments will invest $23.8 billion in addition to the ongoing works. Turkiye will make these investments for railways and roads.

With the work carried out within the scope of the Development Road Project, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure planned a 615 kilometer new line for the 2 thousand 88 kilometer railway connection passing through the country and a 320 kilometer new highway investment for the 1912 kilometer road corridor.

While 439 kilometers of the railway network in question is existing, 1034 kilometers are ongoing and 615 kilometers are planned. The planned railway networks are located between Gaziantep and Ovakoy. An investment of $5.8 billion will be made for this railway.

Within the scope of the project, the highway passing through the country will be 1912 kilometers. While 1592 kilometers of the highways in question are in existing condition, planning has been made for 320 kilometers. The investment amount of the highway planned between Sanliurfa and Ovakoy is estimated to be $2 billion.

The tender for the railway line for the Zangezur Corridor was held

A new connection will be established between Turkiye and Central Asia with the Zangezur Corridor, which will provide direct rail and road transportation between Turkiye and Azerbaijan.

With the corridor, Baku Port will be directly connected to Turkiye. The Ministry, which is planning a 224-kilometer-long new railway line stretching from Kars to Dilucu, held the tender for the railway in question, which will pass through the Zengezur Corridor, one of the Central Corridor routes.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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