Turkish Defense Industry Sets Sights on Europe with New Strategic Route

A new one has been added to the recent moves of Turkish defense industry companies towards the European market.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, the Turkish defense industry is carrying out multifaceted studies for various target markets in order to develop export activities in different product groups.

The Turkish defense industry, which is trying to deepen its presence in traditional markets such as Asia, Africa and Gulf countries with its expanding product portfolio, has recently taken initiatives towards European countries. In this context, different steps are taken such as product sales, company acquisitions, company establishment and joint production.

One of the companies making efforts in this direction was the firearms manufacturer CANiK. CANiK, which last purchased AEI Systems, one of the UK’s well-established defense industry companies, this time established a company in France. The new company became CANiK’s third company abroad, after CANiK USA and AEI Systems.

CANiK Europe is the first company founded by CANiK, whose products are used in 25 countries in Europe, on the continent. With this company, it is aimed to coordinate all sales and marketing activities of CANiK in Europe and to provide on-site after-sales services.

CANiK, which is among the top 5 in its field in the European market, aims to be among the top 3 with the activities carried out by CANiK Europe.

Seeing Europe as a large and important market, CANiK will benefit from its new company and create an effective operational infrastructure to strengthen its claim here and take root.

Why was France chosen?

The choice of France for the establishment of the new company was influenced by the market size in the country, the fact that it is one of the countries where CANiK is very strong, and the fact that France does not have its own pistol brand.

In addition to France, CANiK’s logistics base will be located in strategic locations in two more European countries. Thus, the European operation will be carried out with a total of 3 logistics bases.

Thanks to these investments, it will be possible to read the market better, understand it better, react to instant developments much faster and achieve deep penetration in the market. In addition, the necessary support service will be provided effectively to all distributors, from the smallest to the largest.

CANiK will include new company establishments on its agenda, if necessary, taking into account the developments in the market.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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