New record in electricity consumption in Turkiye

A new daily record was broken in electricity consumption in Turkiye with 1 million 132 thousand 567 megawatt hours yesterday.

The use of air conditioners and agricultural irrigation, which increased in parallel with the increase in air temperatures throughout the country, led to peak values in electricity consumption.

According to the information compiled by AA correspondent from Turkiye Electricity Transmission Inc. data, the highest electricity consumption level of the year was recorded in Turkiye yesterday with 1 million 132 thousand 567 megawatt-hours. Thus, the record of 1 million 131 thousand 7 megawatt-hours on July 26 was exceeded in electricity consumption.

On an hourly basis, the highest electricity consumption was realized at 15.00 with 54 thousand 130 megawatt-hours, and the lowest consumption was at 07.00 with 37 thousand 552 megawatt-hours.

Yesterday, 1 million 122 thousand 543 megawatt hours of electricity was produced on a daily basis. Natural gas power plants took the first place in production with 29.8%. This was followed by imported coal power plants with 20.7% and hydroelectric power plants with dams with 14.1%.

On the other hand, Turkiye exported 5,311 megawatt hours of electricity and imported 15,335 megawatt hours of electricity yesterday.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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