Opensignal: Turk Telekom has the highest score in mobile in all 4 categories

Turk Telekom was successful in 4 categories in the research conducted by Opensignal, an independent mobile analysis company that specializes in ‘measuring mobile network experience’ of global companies. While Turk Telekom was announced as the operator with the highest score in mobile in the field of video, audio application and game experience, it also drew attention with its success in upload speed.

The successful performance of Turk Telekom, which offers solutions for the expectations and needs of its customers with the principle of ‘accessible communication for everyone’ and a ‘people-oriented’ approach, has been confirmed by the data of Opensignal, an international independent mobile analysis company. Evaluating the mobile network development of mobile operators, Opensignal, in its December 2021 report, announced Turk Telekom as the most successful operator in ‘Video Experience’, ‘Game Experience’ and ‘Voice Application Experience’. Turk Telekom also won the joint award in ‘Upload Speed’.

Evaluating the research results of Opensignal, Turk Telekom Technology Deputy General Manager Yusuf Kirac said: “As the founder and developer of Turkey’s communication infrastructure, we are always with our customers with our investments and works that will carry our country to the future. Taking into account the changing habits of our customers in recent years, we enable them to move freely without being tied to a certain place, both while living their life to the fullest and fulfilling their responsibilities under the umbrella of ‘Live Mobile’. We are delighted and proud that our success in customer experience has been confirmed by research by Opensignal, an international independent mobile analytics company.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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