Orka Holding hosted its business partners from 52 countries

Orka Holding hosted its business partners from 52 countries in Istanbul for its traditional overseas dealer meeting.

According to the statement made by the holding, the fashion establishment, which hosted dealer representatives, including Spain, Russia, Dubai, Gulf countries and CIS countries, on July 13-24, introduced the 2024 spring/summer season collection of Damat Tween and D’S damat brands. Dealers showed great interest in the collection, which includes the ‘most ambitious’ pieces of the coming year and reflects the ‘quiet luxury’ design approach.

Orka Holding Chairman of the Board Suleyman Orakcioglu, whose views were included in the statement, said, “The definition of ‘quiet luxury’ is the most accurate for our collection, which reflects the extraordinary aesthetic understanding and innovative vision of our Damat Tween and D’S Damat brands. In our collection, which fascinates purchasing delegations around the world, we go one step further than the brand image, reducing the density of the logo and offering a more sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. In our 2024 spring/summer season collection, we witness the meeting of linen fabric, which forms the essence of our designs, with warm and sophisticated tones, and the birth of a brand new fashion sense. This unique collection is enriched with more relaxed forms such as flared hems, comfortable jackets and t-shirts with a special wash.’

According to the information given, in the impressive color wave of Damat Tween and D’S Damat collection, hot browns combined with magnolia white, brick-reds and royal blue tones stand out with their elegance.

While the weight of linen is felt in the inner groups of the hot summer collection, the variety of suspender T-shirts and marine groups is increasing. Redefining the classic nautical style with a modern and lively perspective, the Tween Marin group is getting richer with fuchsia details.

Innovations such as wide pleated trousers, unlined double-breasted jackets and handmade knitwear and guipures make a difference in the Tween collection.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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