Roofs of factories in Antalya OSB are equipped with solar energy systems

The installation of solar energy systems on the roofs of factories operating in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) is becoming widespread.

According to the statement made by Antalya OIZ, the green energy project, which was implemented in the region with the slogan “Freedom to roofs”, continues. While the roofs of the factories are equipped with SPP, it is aimed to obtain the energy used in production from renewable sources. The project attracts great attention from financial institutions as well as industrialists, due to its zero carbon emissions and contributions to closing the current account deficit.

SPP facilities established in the region have produced 87 million 467 thousand 619 kWh of electricity in the last 5 years. While 47 million 193 thousand kWh of the electricity produced was used in the factories where they were installed, 40 million 274 thousand kWh of energy, which was surplus to needs, was given to the Antalya OIZ electricity grid.

Ali Bahar, Chairman of the Board of Antalya OSB, stated that the measures to be taken in the face of the negative effects of global warming have gained much more importance.

Noting that it is aimed that Antalya OIZ factories will produce at a lower cost in the near future, thus offering more affordable products to the consumer, thanks to the fact that SPP systems pay for itself in a short period of 4-6 years, Bahar said, “About 25% of the factories within the body of Antalya OIZ have received green energy. With the completion of the 33 SPPs, which are currently under construction, the total number of SPPs in the region will reach 88% between 17:00 and 70% in Antalya. electricity will be generated from the sun and we are rapidly approaching this target.”

Bahar noted that they made agreements with banks in order to provide financial support to companies that want to participate in the project.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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