Papara announced the in-app chat feature

Papara, which is on its way to becoming a Super App, announced the in-app chat feature. Papara users will be able to chat within Papara with other Papara users registered in their phonebook.

Papara, a financial technology company that has been offering free money transfers, card products and payment services to its users 24/7 since 2016, has launched its in-app ‘Chat’ feature.

Thanks to the new feature, Papara users will be able to chat with Papara users registered in their phone book via Papara, with the messaging experience they are used to.

Developed based on user behavior

Papara, which offers description and GIF adding features in the sending and requesting money experience, realized that this feature was used by users for chat purposes by mutual transfer of small amounts. Discovering that more than 200 thousand users transfer small amounts to each other for messaging every month, Papara brought the messaging experience that users are accustomed to to the application, with the feature it developed based on the insight that users demand an in-app chat experience.

Brings financial transactions together with chat experience

Papara users can start a chat with Papara users registered in their contacts by using features offered by Papara such as money transfer, requesting money, and sharing transactions. Combining conventional messaging experiences such as quoting messages and leaving emoticons with financial transactions, Papara also enables users to easily track their financial transactions with their friends, family members or relatives through a chat interface. In the future, Papara users will be able to perform other Papara transactions such as sending a Gift Card and dividing expenses on the ‘Chat’ interface.

Papara, which established a company in the field of insurance brokerage in 2022 and brings its users together with fast, easy, affordable and enjoyable insurance experiences, has launched products such as International Money Transfer and Precious Metal Account in the past months. Papara has been ffering products focusing on money transfer, payments and savings since 2016, it is now one step closer to becoming a financial super application with its ‘Chat’ feature.

The company promises a world where users can find answers to all their financial needs by constantly improving its product and service set.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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