Papara Introduces Innovative Payment Solutions for Businesses

Papara, which offers solutions to businesses from SMEs to corporate companies with payment receiving, payment distribution and commercial card products, has expanded its product portfolio with ‘One Step Forward with Papara Commercial’.

The rapid evolution of new payment systems is transforming habits. The majority of internet users in Turkiye now shop online. 64.6% of internet users aged 16-64 purchase products or services online. Mobile payment transactions continue to increase rapidly, with over 5 million transactions occurring in January 2024 alone. Papara offers new payment solutions for commercial enterprises along with its 19 million individual users.

Papara brings together online and face-to-face payment receiving, payment distribution and commercial card solutions for various payment needs from SMEs to corporate companies. Papara gathers commercial solutions under one roof with the “One Step Forward with Papara Commercial” system; It offers payment distribution and commercial card solutions along with online and physical payment products such as Virtual POS, Pay with Papara, Pay with Link, New Generation Cash Register POS, Android POS, Mobile POS. Papara’s commercial products started to be used by more than 3 thousand member businesses, including brands such as Uber, TikTok, BiTaksi, DeFacto and Etstur, in the last 3 months alone.


Papara also offers the digital registration and digital account opening services it offers for its individual users to commercial businesses. Commercial businesses that want to open a member business account at Papara can share information and documents about their businesses with Papara in just a few steps from the digital registration screens that they can access from the Papara Commercial website. Commercial enterprises can start benefiting from Papara member business services within 24 hours after their requests to become remote customers are reviewed.

Papara which started to offer end-to-end solutions to the online and face-to-face payment needs of commercial businesses, introduces “New Generation Cash Register POS” and “Android POS”, which have no monthly usage fee and are ready for use with fast delivery, as well as “Pocket POS” products that turn NFC-supported Android phones into POS devices.

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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