Paycell users will be able to buy and sell stocks on Borsa Istanbul

Turkiye’s digital payment and financial services platform Paycell has included stock trading services of companies traded on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in its investment products portfolio. Paycell users will be able to invest instantly and safely through transactions made through Colendi Securities via the application.

Turkcell’s digital payment and financial services platform, Paycell, continues to expand its investment product range and offer alternative investment tools designed according to user demands.

In this context, it included stock trading in Borsa Istanbul after commodity and American stock exchanges in its trading portfolio. Thus, Paycell users can invest quickly and safely in Borsa Istanbul through Colendi Securities, which offers financial services integrated into the platform.

Option to invest without being a bank customer

It is said that Paycell stands out with its service, alternative payment methods and effortless experience it provides to its users. Thanks to the easy-to-use application interface, Paycell users have the opportunity to invest in Borsa Istanbul according to their budget and without the need for a bank customer. With the application, users can easily monitor their portfolios and markets on a regular basis, and diversify their portfolios with the wide product range offered by Paycell in the field of investment. Moreover, buying and selling transactions can be made commission-free until November 1, specially for the launch.

Serhat Dolaz: “We offer Paycell users the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with different investment instruments.”

Reminding that Paycell previously offered the opportunity to invest in American stock markets in cooperation with Colendi Securities, Paycell CEO Serhat Dolaz said in his statement;

“We continue to take firm steps forward on our path with the vision of providing our customers with all their financial needs with a safe and unique experience. In addition to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, we also provided investment opportunities in the American Stock Exchanges. Now, we continue to diversify our services with Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in order to offer a more inclusive investment portfolio. All of our users, regardless of the operator, whether they are bank customers or not, will be able to invest in Borsa Istanbul through our Paycell application.”

Tuna Çetinkaya: “We have taken another important step towards democratizing finance”

Colendi Securities General Manager Tuna Cetinkaya said;

“Colendi is a fintech company that emerged with the mission of democratizing finance. As Colendi Securities, we are happy to provide more people with access to a wider spectrum of stock trading opportunities through our collaboration with Paycell. As Colendi Securities, providing Paycell users with the opportunity to invest in US stock markets and various commodities, and now access to Borsa Istanbul, with the integrated financial services we offer together with our global business partners such as DriveWealth, has been an important step in achieving our goal.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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