President Erdogan: “Although the retirement age application doesn’t sit well with us, we’ve implemented it”

Making statements about the local election agenda, Erdogan talked about investments made in Bursa and delivered important messages regarding the economy.

“Inflation will decrease in the second half of the year” Addressing the damages of high inflation, President Erdogan said that inflation would decrease in the second half of the year and they would increase the welfare level of the people.

“We need to ensure price stability. In an environment of high inflation, no matter what you offer, you cannot get the expected result. We will all see that inflation starts to decline in the second half of the year. With the alleviation of the burden of construction works in earthquake cities and the reduction of the workload, we will bring our workers and retirees closer to the level of welfare they deserve.”

“Although the retirement age application doesn’t sit well with us, we’ve implemented it” Regarding recent changes in retirement age applications, Erdogan said, “Although it doesn’t sit well with us, we implemented it because the people wanted it.” He responded negatively to requests for interim increases in retirement pensions and minimum wage. Reminding of the financial burden caused by a 10,000 TL increase in retirement pensions, the President said that they cannot implement measures that would lead to imbalances in the financial situation.

Erdogan stated:

“We have never lied to our people, we have never tried to deceive them, and we have never disregarded promises made yesterday. We have taken steps to meet the demands we have identified through continuous contact with all segments of our people. We have never said we would do things we cannot do. We have not hesitated to implement some issues, such as the retirement age application, which actually do not sit well with us, in the face of intense demand from our people. Repairing the damage caused to public finances by this practice and the disruption it creates in the balance of our social security system will take quite some time. We inevitably face requests for interim increases in retirement pensions due to the increase in the minimum wage. We had previously shared with our people the financial burden that a 10,000 TL increase in retirement pensions would bring. Even if we allocate all of our investment budget or the resources we allocate to education and health only to this increase, it would not be enough. As you can appreciate, such a situation cannot, and should not, exist in the administration of a state. Every citizen who expresses complaints due to the difficulties they experience is certainly justified. So how will we compensate for the losses of workers and retirees? We will do this by working and producing more, by increasing the resources of the state.”

Continuing his speech, Erdogan criticized the opposition, stating that municipalities had gone bankrupt in 5 years. Erdogan expressed that Turkey would show twice as much growth in the coming period.

“There is no place left that they haven’t bankrupted in 5 years. They couldn’t even continue smoothly running services that worked like clockwork. They are only after deceiving you with their lies. We tell you the truth with all our sincerity, we share our solution path. Just as we tripled Turkey in 21 years, we will double it in the coming period, and hopefully, we will keep our promises more than adequately.”

source: tr.investing.com/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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