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Real estate sales contracts can be made through notaries as of July 4

A new era begins in real estate sales. As of July 4, real estate sales contracts can be made through notaries. Notaries will check all information regarding the real estate to be sold. Real estate sales at notaries will be made by appointment.

House, land or workplace… A new era begins in real estate sales.

Notaries will be authorized in sales contracts as well as Land Registry Offices.

Real estate sales transactions at notaries will start from July 4th. Not only residences, but also all immovables such as offices, shops, land and fields will be able to be bought and sold at notaries.

An appointment is required from the Notaries Union

Those who want to make the sales transaction through a notary public can apply through the electronic appointment application of the Notaries Union of Turkiye.

Information such as the information of the parties, the real estate tax value of the immovable and the sales price determined between the parties will be processed into the system and the documents will be uploaded.

Notaries will inquire about the application through the Land Registry and Cadastre Sharing System.
If there is no obstacle to the sale process, an appointment will be given to the parties.

In addition to the title deed fee, the notary fee will also be paid

A title deed fee of 4% of the sales price is paid in the transactions made at the land registry office.

An additional fee will be charged at the notaries. According to the value of the immovable, this fee cannot be less than ₺500 and not more than ₺4 thousand.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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