Retail sales volume in Turkiye rises 11.4% in December

Sales of food, drinks, tobacco up 8.7%, non-food 16.9%, while fuel sales fall 5.1%

The volume of retail sales in Türkiye rose 11.4% annually in December, the country’s statistical authority announced on Tuesday.

Sales of food, drinks, and tobacco climbed 8.7%, while those of non-food products increased 16.9% and fuel slipped 5.1%, according to TurkStat.

Retail turnover with current prices, meanwhile,surged 80% year-on-year.

“In the same month food, drinks and tobacco sales increased by 78.8%, non-food (except automotive fuel) sales increased by 85.1%, automotive fuel sales increased by 62.9%,” added TurkStat.

Source: aa

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