Rototip, a local startup that digitalizes metal and plastic manufacturing processes, received an investment of €1 million

Rototip, a startup that digitalizes metal and plastic manufacturing processes, received an investment of €1 million in the first investment round led by ACT Venture Partners, with the participation of Heartfelt Capital and APY Ventures.

Local startup Rototip announced the successful completion of its first investment round of €1 million, led by ACT Venture Partners, with participation from Heartfelt Capital and APY Ventures.

Founded in 2021, Rototip aims to redefine the customer experience in the production sector with the digital production platform and innovative technologies it developed. Rototip, which actively manages the entire production process from order to delivery, offers a solution that positions quality at the center to more than 500 customers in 18 countries, with a determined monthly growth of 6% in the last 24 months.

Rototip CEO Galip Okan Ozturk said in his statement about the investment;

“There is a tremendous opportunity in the manufacturing market as offshoring is no longer a reliable solution and local production networks are inadequate in Western Europe and North America. The need for digitalization and technology is increasing. As Rototip, we have a strong foundation. Our customers show significant loyalty, we are able to attract talented human resources, and our investment round has attracted great interest, which we are very excited about. We are observing the change in the market, with customers increasingly prioritizing reliability and quality consistency in their delivery schedules, and we are very successful in both aspects.”

This first investment round of Rototip brought together 3 different local and global investors, each of whom have made successful investments in their own focus areas. Leading investor ACT Venture Partners, known for its strategic investments in deep technology startups, brings its expertise in developing technology startups. Heartfelt Capital, based in Germany, and APY Ventures, one of the fund managers investing most actively in Turkiye in 2023, provide resources and strategic support to Rototip’s journey. While Heartfelt is funded by automobile manufacturer Porsche, APY Ventures’ investment is financed by OSTIM GSYF, the fund of OSTIM, the leading industrial zone hosting 6,200 businesses.

Especially since 2001, China has become the final manufacturing destination for Western companies seeking offshore opportunities. Following major disruptions to supply chains and changes in the geopolitical landscape over the past four years, companies are now looking for ways to diversify their supply chains and reduce offshore risks. Returning to local production in Western countries due to labor shortages is a serious problem, and in this respect, Rototip offers near-shoring solutions to manufacturers, especially in Europe and North America, through its innovative platform.

While Rototip uses this financing to accelerate its product roadmap and offer more advanced artificial intelligence-supported automation and optimization to its users, it aims to increase growth by strengthening its position in the European and American production markets.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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