Samsung and MediaTek team up to achieve record-breaking 5G upload speed

Samsung Networks, in collaboration with MediaTek, has achieved a remarkable milestone in 5G upload speed performance. The companies conducted extensive testing at Samsung’s lab in Suwon, South Korea, showcasing the capabilities of their joint efforts.

The Test: Achieving Record-Breaking 5G Upload Speeds

The groundbreaking achievement involved the utilization of a 5G Standalone network with 2CC CA (Carrier Aggregation) and C Band featuring MIMO technology. Samsung Networks employed its C-Band Massive MIMO radios, a virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), and a 5G core for the test. MediaTek contributed a test device equipped with the new M80-based CPU chipset, which employed three antennas (1,900MHz, 3.7GHz, and 3.7GHz) across one channel. Together, they achieved an outstanding upload speed of 363Mbps, a speed that approaches the theoretical limit of this setup.

This technological breakthrough holds immense promise for consumer products in the future, as it will significantly enhance network upload speeds a critical factor in various applications. Activities such as live video streaming at high resolution, video conferencing on the go, and multiplayer gaming will experience smoother performance with networks boasting such high upload speeds.

Dongwoo Lee, the Head of the Technology Solution Group at Samsung Networks, expressed his excitement over the achievement and the potential it holds for consumer devices. Faster uplink speeds will bring about new possibilities and transform user experiences. Lee emphasized the commitment of both Samsung and MediaTek to improve their customers’ networks by leveraging the most advanced technology available.


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