Samsung Files Trademark for Mysterious Smart Ring

Smartphones, watches, vacuums, and even shoes are getting more advanced thanks to modern technology. These devices can do much more than their basic functions because they are “smart.” For example, a regular watch just tells the time, but a smartwatch can show your heartbeat, oxygen levels in your blood, emails, and much more. Now, smart rings are being added to this list. More and more companies, like Samsung, are getting interested in this technology.

Samsung’s First Smart Ring, What We Know So Far About

Technology is continuously advancing and becoming more compact. Features that once barely fit into a large box can now be housed in something as small as a ring. Tech companies looking to capitalize on this trend are not missing the opportunity and are developing smart rings. Samsung is known to be one of these companies.

Although the Korean tech giant has not yet confirmed this, we know it’s true thanks to an update in the beta version of the Samsung Health app. Now, the name of this eagerly awaited product has been revealed. Samsung has recently filed a trademark application for a device called the “Samsung Curio.” This suggests that the smart ring may indeed be called Curio, but it’s also possible that Samsung is just trademarking the name for future use.

The ring is can be used to control smart home devices (somehow), make payments, and access other features. It’s also possible that the ring could be used to track fitness data or provide notifications.

Samsung has not yet announced any official details about the Samsung Curio, so it’s unclear when the device will be released or what features it will have. However,the trademark application is a good sign that the project is moving forward, and we may hear more about the Samsung Curio in the near future.


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