Tamamliyo Expands to European Market as, Offering Self-Service Insurance Solutions

Tamamliyo, an embedded insurance startup that develops micro-insurance products and integrates them into the payment stages of e-commerce companies, announced that it will expand to the European market under the name

Tamamliyo, which has been offering self-service insurance solutions for businesses that want to sell insurance products since 2022, announced that they will open to the German market, one of the largest economies in Europe, under the name, according to the information we have obtained directly. The local enterprise stated that this development opened the door to new business opportunities and shared its goals for the future.

Tamamliyo Founding Partner and CTO Deniz Gul said in his statement on the subject;

“When we set out 2 years ago, our goal was to develop an internationally marketable travel health insurance product and integrate it into our technology through a single API (application programming interface). We have come a long way thanks to the Open Insurance Portal we developed to enable insurance companies to access their products and services more practically through the use of API. Now, we are expanding to Europe by realizing a dream of ours. We will make our first policy sale with our 3 partners in April.”

Tamamliyo will increase its cooperation by expanding into Europe

According to the information obtained from Tamamliyo, which has developed more than 20 insurance APIs of more than 10 insurance companies in Turkiye and cooperates with nearly 70 partners, the platform plays an important role in our country, especially in the field of travel insurance. Taking action to carry its success to Europe, the initiative aims to increase its collaborations with its experience and technological infrastructure in the sector by turning the dynamism of Europe’s entrepreneurial ecosystem into benefit.

Tamamliyo Founding Partner and CEO Metin Onguc said in his special statement;

“As the Tamamliyo team, we will operate under the name in Europe. Our main goal was to develop a travel insurance API that anyone traveling around the world can purchase, regardless of where they are going. We have prepared an insurance product that our customers in Europe can offer to their customers without country or nationality restrictions.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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