Tesla releases Cybertruck-inspired cardboard cat house in China

Tesla has started selling its new cardboard cat house that sports a similar design to the Tesla Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is Tesla’s electric pick-up truck that has been bogged by uncertainty.

The flat-pack cat house is made of corrugated cardboard and has an angular silhouette reflecting the futuristic shape of the Cybertruck. According to Tesla’s Chinese website, the semi-open cat house is embedded with thickened corrugated paper. The design of the cat house,according to Tesla, meets the nature and daily needs of cats. The Cybertruck-inspired cat house can be assembled by the customer. The thickened, moisture-proofed cardboard forms the frame while an integrated scratching board is at the center.

The Tesla cardboard cat house is capable of holding felines up to 7.5kg in weight. It was designed using Tesla’s concept already deployed on the Cybertruck, originally unveiled in 2009. It was designed to look like a pickup and a stealth fighter jet. The Cybertruck is a bulletproof electric vehicle that has drawn mixed reactions from the market. Tesla has continued to release products under its Tesla Life collection of lifestyle products. Tesla also released a drip coffee maker, a Frisbee, and a skateboard all focused on the young Chinese customers.

Tesla continues to have a strong presence in China despite the rapid development of local automotive brands like BYD. The bulk of new owners of Tesla in China are in the under-30 years category. Tesla was voted the most popular car brand among consumers within five years of graduating from university. A recent survey indicates that Tesla has a 95% Approval Rating among under-30-year-olds.


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