Textoni announced the Textoni AI product, which enables original content production with artificial intelligence

Local startup Textoni announced the Textoni AI product, which enables content producers to produce original content with artificial intelligence.

Making its mark on 2023, artificial intelligence continues to show itself rapidly in all sectors. Textoni, the content ecosystem that was established in 2021 and opened to the international arena with an investment from Goodwater Capital last year, has also launched its Textoni.AI product, which enables original content production with artificial intelligence.

Textoni.AI and content solutions

With 30,000+ content producers from 58 different countries on its platform, Textoni offers artificial intelligence and the human mind together. Textoni.AI, which can produce long-term content on a determined subject in as little as 45 seconds, also allows you to select the image related to the subject and add it to the created content.

In addition, Textoni.AI uses a methodology that ensures that the created content is checked by professional editors and made ready for sharing. By requesting an editor to the created content, users can obtain the text in a more customized way at the time they choose. The subject of the produced content also plays a big role in the selection of the editor to edit. Editors in the marketplace can be matched with the content to be edited with the help of artificial intelligence.

Completely domestic technology

While products that combine content and artificial intelligence are created through ChatGPT APIs, Textoni.AI is in a different position in this regard. Artificial intelligence, created by training local data, draws attention with its structure that is open to sectoral optimizations as well as being 100% domestic.

Textoni CEO Tufan Kizilirmak said; “The rise of artificial intelligence has left its mark on the present, it looks like it will mark the future as well, but it is a fact that it threatens freelancer-focused industries. As a platform with 30,000+ freelancers, we had to both follow the trend and adapt the freelancers to this trend, and we created Textoni.AI.

The adaptation or personalization of content produced with artificial intelligence to brands, institutions and organizations will again be thanks to people. Textoni.AI was written and published in parallel with this. With the advantage of having a large and efficient freelancer staff, we can optimize a content produced in 45 seconds according to requests in as little as 10 minutes. I think we have taken a step worthy of our motto “Content Ecosystem” with Textoni.AI, which is completely produced by Turkish software developers.”

The signing of a strategic partnership agreement with “Yazmatik”, which develops artificial intelligence technologies, is very important for the future development of Textoni.AI.

Source. Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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