The Ministry of Commerce aims to increase the share of e-exports to 10%

The Ministry of Commerce aims to increase the share of e-exports in general exports from 1.5% to 10% with support.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was reported that the current and dynamic needs of the e-commerce ecosystem are closely followed in line with the digital transformation that has taken place around the world with the technological progress brought by the age in the 21st century and the changing needs in global trade.

Stating that with the e-export support package, efforts are being made to enable exporters to adapt to this transformation as quickly as possible and to steer the sector, “With the support packages we have created, it is aimed to increase the share of our e-exports in our overall exports from 1.5% to 10%, and thus to help our country’s exporters take an active and active role in the rapidly rising cross-border e-commerce market in the world.”

With the “e-export support package” prepared by the Ministry, companies, SMEs, marketplaces and retail e-commerce sites will be prepared for e-export, covering the entire e-export ecosystem, and Turkish products and brands will be displayed and promoted online in foreign markets, they will be supported with the expenses for fast delivery for international orders. It was noted that it was possible to support the expenses related to the establishment of “E-Export Consortiums” and “Turkiye E-Export Platform”, which will allow companies to carry out e-exports.

Emphasizing that all necessary opportunities are provided for exporters and manufacturers to protect their market shares and expand their borders more effectively in the commercial life that transcends borders in world trade, it has been reported that efforts are continuing to strengthen and develop the e-export pillar for the development of exports, which is the locomotive of the Turkish economy.

Supports for e-commerce companies

The supports provided by the Ministry to companies engaged in e-export are listed as follows:

“To provide the promotions (digital marketplace promotion support), the expenses related to order fulfillment services (order fulfillment service support), fast delivery of our companies through foreign digital marketplaces, rent expenses for their warehouses abroad (warehouse rental support), opening online stores in foreign markets of target countries, annual payments of these stores, and the expenses related to the services that countries will receive from their e-commerce stakeholders (online store and service support from target country e-commerce stakeholders),

Marketplace commission expenses in target countries (marketplace commission expense support), e-export marketing and promotion activities (e-export promotion support), realized through foreign marketplaces, expenses related to the sector, country and e-export oriented reports they purchased in order to create market entry strategies and action plans for e-commerce abroad (market entry report support), foreign marketplaces and the expenses related to the integration services they will carry out in the country (foreign marketplace integration support) are supported by our Ministry.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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