The new stop of Finance Minister Simsek’s investment tour will be Spain

Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek will continue his investor meetings abroad with European Union (EU) Term President Spain.

Simsek will be accompanied by the President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye, Hafize Gaye Erkan, during his contacts in the capital Madrid.

Simsek and Erkan will attend the investor meetings and conference to be held on December 14-15. Here, Simsek will meet with senior executives of more than 80 Spain-based global companies with a total turnover exceeding €600 billion.

Simsek will also meet with more than 30 banks and fund managers managing $2 trillion in meetings in which Erkan will also take part.

During Minister Simsek’s visit, issues regarding the cooperation of Turkish-Spanish companies in third countries will also be discussed. Accordingly, opportunities in markets where companies from both countries are strong will be evaluated. Thus, it will pave the way for Turkish companies to do more business in Latin America, and for Spanish companies to do more business in the Turkish Republics and the Caucasus.

As part of his visit, Simsek will meet with Nadia Calvino Santamaria, Spain’s First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Trade and Enterprise, and will also meet with Pablo Hernandez de Cos, Chairman of the Bank of Spain and Basel Banking Supervision Committee.

The visit is also important for EU relations.

Simsek’s visit to Spain is also important because this country holds the EU term presidency. Spain is among the countries that support Turkiye’s EU membership process.

Regarding Turkiye’s EU membership process, Minister Simsek said, “Turkiye and the EU are stronger together. We want to firmly reconnect Turkiye to the EU.” Simsek also called for updating the Customs Union agreement between Turkiye and the EU.

Simsek, who has met with investors in the world’s leading countries since the day he took office, met with investors in the USA, England, France and went on a Gulf tour covering the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Minister Simsek and Erkan will also attend the Central Bank’s Investor Days, the first of which will be held in New York on January 11. The duo will meet with investors managing trillion-dollar funds at this meeting.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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