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The picturesque beauty of the caves of Konya dazzles visitors

Tourists from all over the world come to the state of Konya in central Turkiye as an important stop on the cultural tourism map, and it also attracts visitors with its caves of stunning beauty.

Among these caves is the “Tinaztepe” cave, described as a “natural wonder” on the highway between Konya and Antalya. It is 22 kilometers long and was discovered by a French scientist in 1968.

Director General of the company operating the cave, Biram Chelmli, said that the site began receiving visitors in 2004.

He explained that what distinguishes this cave from others is that “it contains a river and lakes and waterfalls form inside it, especially in the spring with rainwater and melting snow.”

He explained that the cave is estimated to be 230 million years old and is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists annually.

The Çamlık Caves area in the Dere Büçak district of Konya Province is also one of the favorite destinations for cave enthusiasts.

Palatini Cave is the largest in this region and can be walked around from beginning to end and contains archaeological remains.

The head of the Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association, Mustafa Buyuk Cavalli, said that the Çamlık caves area includes about 20 caves of different sizes.

He stated that the Palatini Cave includes a 2 km long walking path that would appeal to cave lovers.

He pointed out that the cave contains archaeological remains dating back to the Byzantine and Roman eras, and the stalagmites and stalagmites in it are impressive.

“Solu In”Cave, located in the same area, 500 meters from the town of Çamlik, is also one of the beautiful caves in the state.

It can only be entered by boat because there is water inside it, as it includes waterfalls and a large lake.

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