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The process for rent declaration has started: Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions and answers

Property owners who earn rental income will be able to submit their declarations between March 1 and April 1. GIB, which included tenants in the process with the “rent notification form” this year, plans to prevent tax loss and evasion with this application.

The rent declaration filing process, which is of great concern to millions of real estate owners, started today.

This year, the Revenue Administration included tenants in the process with the “rent notification form”. If tenants are subscribers to the Digital Tax Office, they can access the form by logging into the system with their user information and password, and they can access the necessary information with their e-Devlet password. The aim of this method is to compare the rental income declared by property owners with the declarations of tenants.

Tax loss and evasion will be prevented

With the application, those who show low rental prices, make false declarations or make no declarations at all are detected. It is also planned to prevent tax loss and evasion.

Here are 10 answers to 10 frequently asked questions regarding the rent declaration:

Question 1: Who is required to fill out a declaration?

In 2023, real estate owners who earn annual rental income of more than ₺21 thousand from residences and over ₺150 thousand from businesses will pay income tax.

Question 2: When will property owners earning rental income be able to file a declaration?

Declarations can be submitted between 1 March and 1 April (as March 31 falls on a weekend).

Question 3: How to fill out the rental declaration?

Property owners will be able to fill in the “ready declaration system” via the Revenue Administration’s “” website and access the ready declaration from the Digital Tax Office.

Question 4: How much was the exemption fee for housing rental income?

Those who earn residential rental income of ₺21 thousand or less annually in 2023 will not pay income tax. For 2024, the income tax exemption was announced as ₺33 thousand.

Question 5: Who cannot benefit from the exception?

Those who have to declare their commercial, agricultural or professional earnings, those who earn housing rental income over ₺21 thousand annually, Those whose total gross amount of wages, movable capital, real estate capital income and other earnings and revenues obtained separately or together exceeds ₺550 thousand determined for 2023, Those who do not declare their rental income on time or declare it incompletely will not be able to benefit from the exemption.

Question 6: Is it mandatory for expats to submit a declaration for the properties they rent in Turkiye?

Citizens living abroad are taxed within the scope of limited taxpayers in terms of their earnings and revenues earned in Turkiye.

Question 7: How will the declaration be submitted if more than one person owns the house?

Each person must declare the rental income corresponding to his/her share.

Question 8: Will there be any penal action if the declaration is not submitted or is declared incompletely?

If the declarations that must be submitted electronically are not submitted on time, a special irregularity penalty will be imposed. Additionally, if the tax is not accrued on time, a tax loss penalty of one times the tax will be imposed.

Question 9: How will the income tax accrued through the rental declaration be paid?

Payment can be made from the Digital Tax Office ( or mobile application between 02.00-23.45, via debit/credit card of contracted banks, by transfer from the bank account, through cards of banks operating in foreign countries, through banks authorized for tax collection, tax office counters and PTT branches.

Question 10: Can payments be made in installments?

The first installment of the accrued taxes can be paid with stamp duty by April 1, and the second installment can be paid by July 31.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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