Touch of AI in communication: Turkish engineers develop new, national network solutions

Turkish engineers develop national network solutions to make more secure, easily manageable and cost-effective, all infused with artificial intelligence

Established by Defense Industry Technologies Inc. ASELSAN, ULAK Communication Inc. introduced on Tuesday its recently developed national network solutions powered in parts by artifical intelligence (AI) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in Barcelona.

Among these solutions, uMAYA SD-WAN, Türkiye’s first and only national network solution developed with a software-defined approach to make comprehensive area network infrastructures more secure, easily manageable and cost-effective,was among the products that attracted attention at the fair.

uMAYA SD-WAN has been available to many institutions and organizations since its first commercial sale in 2019.

It is an innovative solution that includes functions that directly affect the end user, such as central management, network abstraction, network automation and increased cyber security.

ULAK Communication Inc. System Engineering Manager Ali Akcay said that they could introduce the product to many local and foreign users and customers within the scope of the fair.

Emphasizing that different cyber security threats, attack methods and vulnerabilities emerge every day and that these vulnerabilities must be responded to quickly, Akcay stated that artificial intelligence-based methods are lifesaving against these.

“Especially behavior-based detection, artificial intelligence-based cyber security commissions to detect from the user’s behavior in incoming traffic, whether it is an attack or a normal reaction, is a highly emphasized subject. As ULAK Communication, we use artificial intelligence, especially cyber security, in our SD-WAN product.”

“We aim to use it extensively in the next phase. The aim here will be to eliminate security risks, human error, and errors caused by configuration and monitoring by providing an autonomous, non-externally dependent cyber security layer,” he added.

Source: turkiyenewspaper

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