Toyota launches the new Corolla Hatchback in Turkiye

Toyota’s new model, Corolla Hatchback Hybrid, emerges as a more stylish model with new rim and headlight designs, new color and upholstery options.

Toyota launched its new Corolla Hatchback Hybrid model in Turkiye, where dynamic and sporty design features stand out.

According to the statement made by the company, Toyota’s new model Corolla Hatchback Hybrid emerges as a more stylish model with new rim and headlight designs, new color and upholstery options.

Offering a dynamic drive with its 1.8-liter full hybrid engine, the model also stands out as an important option in its segment with its higher efficiency.

High performance and efficiency with 5th generation Hybrid technology

In the statement, the new Toyota Corolla Hatchback Hybrid is equipped with a new generation full hybrid system that offers high performance and high efficiency in all kinds of driving conditions, and has been developed with extensive engineering studies to offer a better driving experience, higher performance and efficiency. It is reported that it meets all expectations with its 1.8-liter full hybrid engine with 140 HP power.

Although it offers higher performance than the previous generation full hybrid system, the Corolla Hatchback, which has lower emissions with 101 g / kilometer, accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per second in 9.1 seconds. At the same time, the new Corolla Hatchback Hybrid stands out with its low average consumption of 100 kilometers, up to 4.5 liters, according to WLTP measurements.

With the new lighter and smaller lithium-ion battery used in the renewed Corolla Hatchback Hybrid, weight has been reduced by 14% and power output has been increased by 14%. The 5th generation hybrid system, which offers a quieter ride with the new cooling system, provides a more refined ride.

It reflects driving pleasure with its dynamic design.

The dynamic design of the new Corolla Hatchback Hybrid hints at the sporty and agile driving of the new model.

In addition to the new design elements, the Corolla Hatchback Hybrid can also be preferred with new body color options. Among the new color options, Neptune Blue and Metallic Gray highlight the dynamic appearance of the vehicle.

More personalized user experience with new digital technologies

In the new Corolla Hatchback Hybrid, more digital technologies offered to further the user experience, security systems offered as standard from the starting package and the new multimedia system make the car unique. At the center of the Corolla Hatchback’s cabin, the 10.5-inch ‘Toyota Touch 2 Multimedia System’ offers wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto smartphone integration with its faster and more intuitive screen.

Hardware options to suit every need

Toyota offered the Corolla Hatchback Hybrid for sale with two equipment options: Hybrid Flame and Hybrid Passion X-Pack.

Drawing attention with its rich equipment features in both version options, Corolla Hatchback Hybrid offers many features such as dual-zone automatic air conditioning, 10.5 inch Toyota Touch 2 Multimedia System, 12.3 inch color TFT display instrument display, Voice Command System, wireless Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto smartphone integration and Toyota Safety Sense 3 as standard.

Safety is at the forefront in Corolla Hatchback Hybrid

Corolla Hatchback Hybrid is equipped with the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense 3 system to offer the highest safety for the driver, passengers, other vehicles, pedestrians and other traffic users.

Toyota Safety Sense 3, whose radar and camera systems have also been developed compared to the previous generation system, now provides a much broader protection by scanning a wider area and longer range. In addition to the Front Collision Avoidance System (PCS) with Pedestrian, Bicyclist and Motorcycle Detection Features, the Intersection Collision Avoidance System (ITA) has also been added to the features.

Safe Exit Assistant ensures that if a vehicle/bicycle is detected in the blind spot and the door is opened, warning lights come on on the digital display screen and an audible warning is given. Back Seat Reminder gives a visual and audible warning on the digital display screen when the vehicle is stopped, so that a child or pet is not forgotten in the back seat.

In addition, Emergency Steering Assist, Smart Adaptive Cruise Control System at all speeds, Overtaking Assist, Traffic Sign Detection System, Smart Lane Tracking System, Blind Spot Warning System are among the other prominent safety features of the New Corolla Hatchback.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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