Türkiye calls for Schengen visa exemption for entrepreneurs

Turkish Industry and Technology Mehmet Minister Fatih Kacır has urged the European Union to provide visa exemptions for Turkish young researchers and entrepreneurs, stressing the significance of this move in invigorating Europe’s innovation and technology ecosystem.

“It is imperative that we eliminate artificial barriers to facilitate the collaboration of our Turkish researchers, engineers and innovative companies with other Europeans, as well as to streamline technology and R&D transfers,” Kacır stated at a press conference with EU Commissioner Iliana Ivanova following the Türkiye-EU High-Level Dialogue Meeting held in Istanbul on April 25.

“I want to underline the critical importance of visa exemption for our young researchers and entrepreneurs who contribute dynamism and momentum to Europe’s innovation and technology ecosystem,” the Turkish minister said.

Taking into account the current challenges and global developments in trade, the revision of the Customs Union has become a necessity to advance mutual trade between Türkiye and the EU on the basis of shared benefits, Kacır expressed.

“In this context, our concrete initiatives and efforts with our European partners will continue.”

Türkiye’s commitment to sustainable, robust full membership with the EU, in harmony with scientific and technological cooperation,is evidence of its dedication to mutual progress and shared prosperity, Kacır noted.

Within the scope of the Horizon Europe program offered by the EU to entrepreneurs, since 2021, 486 projects involving 1,107 Turkish project leaders have secured 243 million euros ($251 million) in grant support for Türkiye.

Additionally, the number of Turkish organizations serving as coordinators in multi-partner projects has increased to 40, the ministry said.

The EU commissioner, for her part, stated that Turkish scientists and entrepreneurs have received 743 million euros in support via several programs over the past 20 years.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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