Turkey’s data is safe with Turk Telekom’s “Digital Warehouse Corporate” product

Turk Telekom offers its customers the opportunity to store, share and work simultaneously in the cloud environment with its ‘Digital Warehouse Corporate’ product. While the data can be safely accessed from all mobile devices and computers, the data can be safely stored.

Turk Telekom, one of Turkey’s leading information and communication technologies companies, in its data centers located in Istanbul’s Esenyurt and Gayrettepe districts and Ankara’s Umitkoy; It diversifies its product and service portfolio day by day by continuing to provide private cloud, business continuity, virtualization, data backup, storage, cyber security and replication services to SME, corporate and public customers. Turk Telekom, which has more than doubled the amount of backed-up data compared to the previous year, continues its investments in this area.


Providing cost advantage, geographical redundancy and technical support to its corporate customers with its cloud-based backup solutions, Turk Telekom’s product portfolio includes Virtual and Physical Server Backup and PC/Workstation Backup options. With its Virtual Server Backup product, Turk Telekom ensures that virtual servers in Turk Telekom Data Centers or customer locations are backed up and, when necessary, physical servers are backed up to Turk Telekom Data Centers with the Physical Server Backup product. PC/Workstation Backup, another backup service of Turk Telekom, provides services for backing up the computers used by customers and the data on their computers to Turk Telekom Data Center over the internet.


Turk Telekom Product and Service Management Director Fatih Turkoglu, in his statement on March 31, World Backup Day, emphasized the importance of advanced cyber attacks and backup services of increasing data day by day, and said: “As Turk Telekom, we continue our data center and cloud investments with the principle of ‘Keep Turkey’s data in Turkey’, and ensure data security with our domestic servers. As information technology change continues to accelerate, SMEs and small businesses in particular need to adapt to modern data protection technologies. The need for backup services is increasing day by day in order to ensure the business continuity of institutions that contain critical and personal information.

In the January 2022 report prepared by Veeam Software, based on its ‘Modern Data Protection’ research conducted with 1160 organizations in 28 countries, it was revealed that 76% of enterprises suffered at least one ransomware attack in the last year, while 49% experienced ransomware-related outages. Within the scope of its wide backup product range, Turk Telekom also backs up physical and virtual servers in customers’ own data centers by compressing them up to 1/10 with the Local Backup service. In addition, while offering secure, flexible and scalable cloud technology to its customers, it also provides solutions with the right product, taking into account the regulations and cloud security policies they are subject to.


Turk Telekom provides its customers with a temporary free speed increase in their first data transfer in cloud-based backup solutions; It offers an easy management interface, encrypted data storage, 24/7 technical support and monthly payment.


Turk Telekom also provides a platform where its customers can store all their files and folders in the cloud with its Digital Depot Corporate. With the Digital Warehouse Corporate service, which Turk Telekom corporate customers can benefit from, users have an area where they can store their data such as photos and videos, along with internal and external file sharing. With this KVKK-compliant cloud-based service, corporate customers can experience capabilities such as creating common user groups, working simultaneously, and easily access their files and office applications from computers and all mobile devices.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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