Turkish airlines unveils heightened entry checks set by 5 Latin American countries

Turkish Airlines (THY) has announced rigorous entry protocols for passengers traveling to Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Brazil, stipulating compliance with additional check requirements alongside general protocols set by each country’s authorities.

Releasing a statement on March 15 regarding reports on passengers being denied boarding on flights to certain Latin American destinations via Türkiye, THY confirmed refusals, with several reports attributing these measures to efforts aimed at preventing illegal migration to the U.S.

These pre-flight checks are conducted at the Turkish airports to prevent potential entry refusals upon arrival of the countries, the statement said.

Each of the five countries has introduced distinct additional criteria, THY noted that Venezuela mandates the provision of a purpose-aligned visa, confirmed hotel reservations, return tickets and an official invitation letter.

Mexican authorities impose additional restrictions,denying entry to passengers with long-term lodging reservations but no checked baggage.

Cuba and Brazil also enforce stringent financial prerequisites and refuse entry to passengers without prior international travel experience.

Colombia’s policy is similarly strict, barring entry to individuals who have been previously denied access to the country.

On the other hand, regarding Panama, THY outlines specific requirements, including valid visas, round-trip tickets, hotel reservations and adherence to prescribed transit durations. Additionally, passengers lacking baggage, necessary documentation and exhibiting uncertainty and failed to provide “appropriate answers” during customs interviews upon arrival may be denied entry, the statement said, without elaborating the content of the questions posed by the security officials.

The U.S. has recently grappled with the surge of migrants at its Mexico border, as border authorities encountered more than 225,000 migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border last December, marking the highest monthly total recorded since 2000.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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