Turkish Armored Vehicle Industry Roars to Success: National Models Surge in Global Exports

Otokar, one of the armored land vehicle manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry, sold armored vehicles to 7 new countries in 2023.

Otokar, Turkiye’s 100% domestic capital, automotive and defense industry company, has left behind a successful year in the military vehicle segment.

Otokar, which has been producing military armored vehicles of its own design since the 1990s and achieved Turkiye’s first tactical armored vehicle export, has created unique tracked and wheeled armored vehicle families in recent years, developed unmanned heavy-class land vehicles, and reached the capacity to produce 700 tactical armored vehicles per year.

While Otokar exported military vehicles to 4 countries in 1997, it increased the number of countries to 41 in 2023. Otokar exported military vehicles to 7 new countries last year. 2023 was the year in which Otokar increased the number of countries to which it exported military vehicles the most.

Last year, Otokar increased its military vehicle sales by 43% in terms of units and achieved a turnover of ₺5 billion 666 million in this segment. Exports constituted 97% of sales. The company reached the highest sales figure of the last 6 years in 2023 with 305 military vehicles.

28% of the company’s total export revenue in 2023 was obtained from military vehicles.

Record balance order

The company closed 2023 with a record balance order figure. The size of the remaining orders, consisting of 4×4, 6×6 armored vehicles, buses and spare parts, reached ₺8 billion 81 million.

Otokar has more than 33 thousand military vehicles that are actively used by the armed forces and security forces of friendly and allied countries as well as Turkiye.

Developing new vehicles to meet changing needs and demands, the company announced ARMA II, the new member of the ARMA vehicle family, in 2023. ARMA II armored combat vehicle was developed to offer the highest level of protection and the highest firepower in its class.

Otokar also added the ALPAR heavy class tracked unmanned ground vehicle and the AKREP II R reconnaissance-surveillance vehicle to its armored product family in the defense industry.

Last year, the company received an order worth approximately €130 million from Estonia for ARMA 6×6 armored personnel carrier vehicles. Otokar signed a 4×4 armored vehicle contract worth approximately $136 million with another customer abroad.

Carrying out international activities for new cooperation opportunities, Otokar introduced its vehicles at defense industry fairs in Turkiye, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Egypt and Colombia last year.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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