Turkish business people aim to reach $1 billion in exports to Venezuela

Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) Venezuela Representative Hayri Kucukyavuz said that they are targeting $1 billion in Turkiye’s exports to Venezuela.

Kucukyavuz, who has been living in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, for a long time, gave information to the AA correspondent about his life in this country and Turkiye’s exports.

Kucukyavuz, who was born in Karaman, explained that his adventure abroad started when he went to the Netherlands as an expatriate after high school, worked in the textile industry there for 5 years, and settled in Caracas in 1994 with his Venezuelan wife, whom he met and married.

Stating that he has been engaged in textile manufacturing and sales in Venezuela for years, that he loved the country and never returned, Kucukyavuz stated that he is still doing business between Turkiye and Venezuela.

Stating that after working for many years, his friends at MUSIAD recommended him as a representative, Kucukyavuz stated that they opened the first MUSIAD representative office in Latin America in Caracas in 2018.

Kucukyavuz said, “Trade with Venezuela is good at the moment, but it can develop further. The problem of promotion can be overcome with bilateral trade and fairs. Last year, we organized a Turkish export products fair with Turkiye’s Embassy in Caracas and the Ministry of Commerce. 30 businessmen came from Turkiye. There was an increase in exports to Venezuela. We want to do it this year too and bring 100 companies here.”

“Production is low”

Stating that Venezuela’s economy is based on oil and production is at a low level, Kucukyavuz said:

“This is a big and interesting market for Turkish companies. Because there is no competition and production here. Our wish is for our exporters to sell their products in Venezuela. Turkish exports, which were $30 million in 2010, reached $350 million last year. Our goal is for exports from Turkiye to Venezuela to reach $1 billion . There are currently 8 Turkish companies in Venezuela. I believe this number will increase.”

Informing that pasta, flour, chocolate and fertilizer industry are among the export items, Kucukyavuz said, “Turkiye has the power to create a trade volume of $5 billion with Venezuela. Consumer products in the country are always imported. Turkish products are of higher quality than the products of other countries and can compete in this market as they wish. Entrepreneurs can easily sell their products in this market.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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