Turkish companies exhibit their products at IFA 2023

Turkish companies that appeared at IFA 2023 are bringing their newest environmentally friendly products to their customers for the first time at IFA 2023.

“Consumer electronics fair” IFA 2023 in Germany continues with its second-day activities. Turkish companies participating in the fair continue to introduce their latest products to the visitors.

Speaking to AA correspondent, Arzum General Manager for Trade Serhan Giray said that they attach great importance to sustainability.

Talking about the products they exhibited in Berlin, Giray said, “First of all, I would like to talk about the Turkish coffee machine Okka. Turkish coffee is our flagship. We are leading the way in introducing Turkish coffee to the European and other markets. We are exhibiting two new models of Okka here. We are also assertive in hair group and personal care.

Besides, the personal blender category is a growing category. We also brought new products here. In other words, we are exhibiting our different products in the kitchen, personal care and coffee categories for the first time at IFA.”

Underlining that the main reason for their presence at IFA is Arzum’s globalization project, Giray said, “The growth of Arzum in foreign markets is the first priority for us in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Turkiye is our flagship. We will continue to maintain our presence and market leadership in Turkiye. We will add new market leaders over the next five years.

We are starting to enter not only Europe but also North Africa and the Middle East, America and other markets in the same way. We want to come stronger with new strategies. Our aim is to show our strength as a Turkish brand both in Europe and in other continents and to add value to our country.”

Bahat exports to 25 countries

Hasan Bahcivan, owner of Bahat Electrical Home Appliances, said that they have been producing vacuum cleaners in Istanbul for 20 years. Underlining that they export their products to approximately 25 countries, Bahcivan said, “We participate in IFA Berlin every year. We are here to contribute to our exports and the economy of our country. We produce approximately 25 types of vacuum cleaners. We brought our bagless models with low energy consumption but high performance. We offer these to our European consumers.”

HIBSAN has 95 countries on its radar

Stating that they are one of Turkiye’s leading companies in the ventilation sector, HIBSAN Export General Manager Fatih Kotanoglu underlined that they export to 95 countries.

Mentioning that the IFA fair is one of the most important fairs of the consumer electronics industry, Kotanoglu said, “We came here to expand our export market and to have a better place in the European markets. We want to make more value-added and sustainable products.

That’s why we have good expectations from the fair. In the next 5 years, we plan to develop our business by expanding our capacities and increasing our export markets, by finding more continuous markets.”

Sersim has been producing ovens for 40 years

Mehmet Tapkan, the manager of Sersim company, said that as Sersim, they have been producing ovens for 40 years. Pointing out that they are among the biggest bakery exporters in Turkiye, Tapkan continued as follows:

“We have been participating in the IFA fair for 20 years. This year, we showed new products with an area of 300 square meters at the fair. European markets make up 50% of our total turnover. It is a very important market for us. The European market is moving from gas to electricity on the energy side. That’s why we show our new energy-efficient products to our customers for the first time here.

Our competitors are mainly European manufacturers. We try to stand out against them with our innovations, fast deliveries and good service. Another feature of ours is that we make products with the brands of our competitors. Competitors become our customers in a way. They supply some of the products that they cannot produce themselves.”

The fair will continue until September 5

IFA 2023, where sustainability is at the forefront, will host its visitors in Berlin, Germany, until 5 September. More than 180 thousand people are expected to visit the fair, where more than 2,000 companies from 8 countries will exhibit their new technology products.

Among the highlights of the fair this year are the Sustainability Village, Robots House, Gaming and Esports Arena and IFA Next, which hosts many initiatives.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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