Turkish Company Increased Targets in Rail System

The company, which is a strategic partner in Turkiye’s domestic and national railway projects, has further expanded its future targets. Yeşilova rail system solutions shared its future strategies with its employees at the meeting.

The company has further expanded its future goals as a strategic partner in Turkiye’s domestic and national railway projects. At the Canray Transportation Strategy Dissemination and Vision meeting held at Podium Davet on February 24, the company’s targets and growth strategies for the next 3-year period were discussed; Sector analyses, investment opportunities and current projects were shared.

Ramazan Uçar, General Manager of the company, used the following statements in his speech:“Since the day we were established, we have continued our activities as an export-oriented company. However, in this period, we have turned our focus more towards the local and national projects of our country. We want to take advantage of the opportunities brought by Turkiye’s geopolitical location and developing economy. At this point, last year we took on the responsibility of mass production of national suburban trains. “We aim to reach a size that will increase our current capacity and turnover several times by the end of 2026, with the projects we are involved in both at home and abroad, especially high-speed train projects.”

Source: raillynews

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