Turkish Electric Car Manufacturer Togg Embraces Blockchain for Sustainability and Innovation

As the world continues to adopt sustainable practices, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and Togg is one of the key players in this space. Turkish electric car manufacturer that has sold approximately 23,000 vehicles through Q2 of 2023 At this year’s Swell conference, Togg will be speaking about their open mobility ecosystem and how they are utilizing blockchain technology, particularly the Ripple property Metaco, to attain their sustainability goals.

Swell Panel to Innovate for Green Economy Shift

Ripple’s Head of Carbon will be speaking alongside Xange and the CEO of Togg on Thursday at Swell, discussing the topic of innovating for the inevitable. Xange provides carbon credits on the XRPL, while Togg is a Turkish electric car manufacturer. This panel promises to reveal innovative and sustainable solutions for the inevitable shift towards a greener economy.

Togg and their Open Mobility Ecosystem

Togg has created an open mobility ecosystem that goes beyond simply producing smart cars. According to their CEO, they are building a system that is “interconnected and interoperable with others.” This means that Togg’s vehicles are part of a larger ecosystem that provides users with access to a variety of services and data. For example, users can access their service history, carbon footprint, and insurance claims through smart contracts.

Use of Blockchain Technology

Togg is using blockchain technology to achieve their goals of sustainability and an open mobility ecosystem. Their system provides users with bank-grade security and utilizes smart contracts to track data such as service history and carbon footprint. While it currently uses Avalanche C-Chain for their smart contracts, there is also potential for them to use the XRPL for carbon credits and other data.In fact, Togg signed Ripple Property Metaco for custody, making them the first mobility company with digital asset wallets.

Overall, Togg’s commitment to sustainability and their use of blockchain technology make them an exciting player in the electric car space. As their open mobility ecosystem grows, it will be interesting to see how they continue to utilize blockchain technology to achieve their goals and provide users with access to valuable data. Their presence at Swell and their inclusion of Ripple carbon credit speakers highlight their commitment to sustainability and the potential impact they can have on the industry.

Source: coinpedia

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