Turkish Entrepreneur-Led Arf’s Blockchain Liquidity Surpasses $1B Internationally

Arf, which provides liquidity on blockchain for international trade and payments, supports the global growth of licensed financial institutions.

Arf, the international trade and payments platform at the intersection of Web3 and traditional finance, founded by Turkish entrepreneurs, announced that it has exceeded $1 billion in onchain liquidity volume provided to support licensed financial institutions.

This milestone for Arf highlights Arf’s category-defining leadership as it produces innovative, blockchain-supported solutions for global financial institutions.

Arf Founding Partner and CEO Ali Erhat Nalbant said on the subject;

“Arf was founded with the aim of developing innovative technologies to overcome the limitations of current financial systems. Our vision is to shape innovation and legislation by solving real-world problems and pave the way for a more accessible financial system for everyone in the next decade.”

Overcoming the Challenges of Global Trade and Payments with Innovative Solutions

Financial institutions rely on their own equity or debt financing to ensure adequate liquidity in their daily global operations. However, these practices limit capital structures and create opportunity costs for increased transaction volumes. Likewise, credit providers (banks, etc.) face difficulties in funding financial institutions due to operational transparency and high risk management practices.

As a solution to these challenges in the international trade and payments sector, Arf has introduced Arf Liquidity, a working capital solution on blockchain. Arf Liquidity accelerates international trade and payments to internet speed and aims to close the $4 trillion liquidity gap in international trade through blockchain technology.

Emphasizing that they decisively support Arf’s journey, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) Treasury and Capital Markets Manager Phil Meng said in his statement;

“We are excited to witness Arf’s success in reaching $1 billion in liquidity volume on blockchain. This important step is one of the important proofs that the basic problems in international trade and payments can be solved by using blockchain and, in this context, Stellar technology. We wonder how the financial sector will transform with the implementation of smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain.”

Innovation Beyond Finance: Arf Transparency Protocol

Arf Founding Partner Kazim Rifat Ozyilmaz said, “Arf’s commitment to innovation is based on the basic theory and transparency of blockchain. With the Arf Transparency Protocol, we ensure that all financial activities, including liquidity supply, repayments and overdue payments, are accurately represented on the blockchain.”

“The transparency protocol brings operational transparency to international trade and payments by displaying data on the blockchain for liquidity providers around the world, eliminating the need for intermediaries to verify data and making risk visible. In this way, access to scalable liquidity solutions is now possible for international financial institutions.”

Expanding Vision in International Trade and Payments

Arf aims to reach a volume of $100 billion by 2025 with the services it develops in international trade and payments. This strategic positioning will pave the way for a more inclusive and efficient industry development by eliminating the traditional barriers of finance, with Arf’s transparency protocol and scalable liquidity support.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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