Turkish furniture industry wants to strengthen its hand in the Saudi Arabian market

MOSFED President Ahmet Gulec said, “The region was among our top 5 markets in the past years, now we are making great efforts to return to our old days.”

According to the statement made by the Federation, the furniture industry in Turkiye, which is among the 4 countries in the world that can produce products in all furniture groups, continues its export activities without slowing down.

MOSFED, which is the voice of the industry by gathering the producers of Turkiye from north to south and east to west under a single roof, works hard to increase the presence of domestic production in the world.

While Turkiye has increased its presence in the Saudi Arabian market with the positive relations developed in recent years, the manufacturers are making great efforts to ensure that exports are not disrupted.

Expressing the importance of exports for the country’s economy, MOSFED President Ahmet Gulec, whose views were included in the statement, said, “Export is very important for our country to maintain its economic stability and increase its power in global trade. We are also working intensively on this issue. Turkish furniture is loved and adopted in a short time in every country where it is discovered.”

Pointing out that Turkish products are very popular in the region, Gulec said:

“Saudi Arabia is not a foreign market. Even though there are short-term decreases in exports, we have been in that region for years and our products are very popular in that geography. In addition to this, Saudi Arabia is a market that has a special importance as its purchasing power is very high. It is a pleasure to increase our presence again in a region where our products are known, known and loved.

We are currently working in good harmony with qualified sales channels, representatives and purchasing specialists in the region. In addition, on the one hand, manufacturers there come to our market, participate in our furniture fair, on the other hand, we increase our presence there. It is very important to create trade environments where such positive dialogues increase.”

Stating that their goal is to consolidate their position in the market, Gulec said, “There is a good interest in the market, we are happy because of this. In the coming period, there will be a need for more furniture for hotel renovations, new residences to be built and new buildings planned in many different areas in Saudi Arabia. Active days are waiting for our producers. Thanks to our strong dealerships, we will focus on increasing our exports as much as possible. We think that our smart furniture solutions, which have been trending in recent years, will also attract attention in this market.”

Saudi Arabia is in the top 10 among the most exported countries

After Turkiye and Saudi Arabia increased positive relations, Saudi Arabia took its place among the top 10 countries to which Turkiye exports furniture the most.

In the first five months of 2023, the furniture industry exported approximately $50 million to Saudi Arabia. While manufacturers are trying to strengthen their presence in the market with new sales channels and dealerships, it is aimed to exceed the figure achieved by the end of the year.

Turkiye, along with the USA, China and Italy, is one of the four producer countries in the world in terms of production volume and diversity, and offers many varieties in exports to the Saudi Arabian market. In addition to luxury groups, sitting groups, study groups, beds/bases, office furniture and accessories attract the most attention in Saudi Arabia.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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