Turkish industry exceeded 2022 bus, minibus and midibus exports in 9 months

Turkiye’s bus, minibus and midibus exports in the 9 months of the year exceeded $1.5 billion.

According to the AA correspondent’s compilation from the records of the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association, Turkiye’s bus, minibus and midibus exports increased by 66.78% compared to the same period of 2022.

Foreign sales, which was $918 million 949 thousand in the first 9 months of last year, increased to $1 billion 532 million 695 thousand in the same period of this year.

The exports of the sector representatives in 9 months exceeded the foreign sales of $1 billion 469 million 272 thousand made in the whole of last year.

Turkiye, which sent vehicles to 75 countries during this period, made the most exports to France, Germany and Italy.

Exports to France increased by more than 45% compared to the 9 months of last year, rising from $226 million 939 thousand to $330 million 427 thousand.

The second country to which the sector exported the most was Germany. Bus, minibus and midibus exports to Germany increased by more than 107% in the January-September period compared to the same months of the previous year, reaching $189 million 726 thousand from $91 million 283 thousand.

Exports to Italy, where buses, minibuses and midibuses worth $66 million 909 thousand were exported last year, were recorded as $165 million 633 thousand, with an increase of 147.5%.

There were significant increases in exports to Iraq and New Zealand

There was also a significant increase in the exports of sector representatives to Spain, which ranks 4th on the list. Exports of buses, minibuses and midibuses to this country increased by more than 364% in January-September compared to the same months of the previous year, from $24 million 53 thousand to $111 million 778 thousand.

Vehicles worth $84 million 542 thousand were sold to the United Kingdom, which is among the top 10 export countries, $77 million 57 thousand to Romania, $63 million 662 thousand to Poland, and $60 million 657 thousand to Israel, $50 million 815 thousand were sold to the USA and $48 million 115 thousand to Hungary.

Exports to Lithuania, which is among the countries where the sector increased its exports significantly, increased by over 1271%, from $2 million 435 thousand to $33 million 400 thousand.

Exports to New Zealand, where $166 thousand worth of buses, minibuses and midibuses were exported in the same period last year, increased by 2,904% and were recorded as $5 million 12 thousand.

Exports to Iraq increased by 2,836%, from $148 thousand to $4 million 369 thousand.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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