Turkish medical firm establishes institute to boost innovation

Invamed Medical Innovation Institute ‘will be epicenter of innovation, where theoretical knowledge will be transformed into practical solutions,’ says head of firm

Turkish medical firm Invamed has ushered in a new era with the establishment of a medical innovation institute.

Invamed Medical Innovation Institute was established as a center aimed at shaping the future of the healthcare industry, the firm said in a statement.

This significant endeavor is a testament to Invamed’s vision to elevate innovation within the sector to unprecedented heights, it added.

The newly established institute, poised to collaborate with numerous national and international universities and research centers, aims to provide boundless opportunities for scientists,researchers, and academics alike, the company said.

Rasit Dinc, the head of Invamed, highlighted the institute’s groundbreaking projects that encompass the utilization of robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing technologies in areas such as tissue and drug production.

“Recent initiatives are set to revolutionize the healthcare industry,” Dinc was quoted as saying in the company statement.

“The Institute is more than just a research center; it will be the epicenter of innovation, where theoretical knowledge is transformed into practical solutions. Our approach will encompass various facets of the sector,” he added.


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