Turkish retail firm A101 starts selling tiny houses

Turkish retail firm A101, which previously sold boats, caravans and automobiles unexpectedly, has now started selling tiny houses at the price of 399,000 liras ($12778).

Turkiye’s one of the biggest retail firms, A101, has started selling tiny houses.

The firm previously sold boats, caravans and automobiles, which was unexpected for a retail firm in Turkiye.

The “Escamp” tiny houses are sold at the price of 399,000 liras ($12778),and at the price of 427,893 liras in installments.

The firm has over 12,000 stores in 81 provinces of Turkiye by the end of 2022.

The average housing prices saw an 84% yearly increase in 2023 in Turkiye according to the official figures. In December 2023, the average house price in Turkiye exceeded three million Turkish liras (96,000 dollars).

Source: duvarenglish

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