Turkish trade minister says Turkish products become world brands

Turkiye aims to reach $400B level in goods exports and $200B in services exports by 2028, says Omer Bolat

The mention of Turkish goods is like mentioning a world brand, the Turkish trade minister said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the Istanbul Fashion Connection (IFCO) apparel and fashion fair in Istanbul, Omer Bolat said Turkiye’s monthly exports have risen from around $1 billion a year to now about $1 billion every single day.

Turkiye’s exports last year totaled $254 billion, he said, adding that textile and apparel sector exports amounted to $32 billion.

Touching on the fair, he said the event is hosting 30,000 visitors and 94 foreign buying delegates from 26 countries.

He underlined that Turkiye is the third-largest country in Europe in the textile and apparel sector, and seventh in the world.

In Europe, Turkiye is the fourth-largest glass exporter, third in the white goods (home appliances) sector, and first in the agriculture sector, he said.

Turkiye is also the largest carpet exporter in the world, he added.

The country aims to reach $400 billion level in goods exports and $200 billion in services exports by 2028, Bolat said.


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