Turkiye: $2 billion export target from the shoe industry for 2028

The 7th World Shoe Congress hosted by the Turkish Footwear Manufacturers Association (TASD) was held.

According to the statement made by the Turkish Footwear Manufacturers Association (TASD), professionals of the global shoe industry came together in Istanbul for the 7th World Shoe Congress, hosted by the association and the largest international organization of the sector.

In his speech at the congress, Governor of Istanbul Davut Gul stated that the shoe industry is moving forward every year and that this is not a coincidence and said, “The Turkish shoe industry has a significant market share in the world. We are further increasing the competitiveness of the industry with our talented designers, vocational high schools and qualified employees. We can further develop this power with the opportunities offered for investment in Anatolia. On the other hand, Turkiye’s rich renewable energy resources will provide advantages to the shoe industry in many issues, especially carbon footprint, in the coming period.”

TASD President Berke Icten noted that they aim to increase the exports of the shoe industry, which is currently at the level of $1.2 billion, to $2 billion in five years, and stated that the Turkish shoe industry has already started the race for $2 billion of exports in 2028.

Stating that Turkiye is the first largest shoe production center in Europe and the sixth largest shoe production center in the world with 550 million pairs, Icten said, “In addition to production, we also increase our design power every year. By exporting 330 million pairs of shoes in 10 months, we provided our country with a foreign currency inflow of over $1 billion. In fact, we could have sold much more on a per-unit basis. However, the contraction in global demand had a negative impact on our exports. Despite everything, we anticipate that we will make the most of the next two months and close 2023, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, with an export of $1.2 billion.”

Icten underlined that the contraction in global demand and customer losses have a negative impact on both production and employment, and stated that although there are some cyclical difficulties, they maintain their optimism and believe that they will achieve a new momentum in exports in 2024.

“The sector needs to be an example with green transformation, green technology and environmentalist understanding”

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President Sekib Avdagic also underlined that shoes are one of the most important necessities after food.

Pointing out that shoes are among the rare sectors that bring together needs and aesthetics, Avdagic said:

“We started the 21st century with a big problem like climate change. The global shoe industry is at a very important turning point. In this process, the shoe industry needs to set an example with its green transformation, green technology and environmentalist approach. While talking about reshaping the future, I would like to emphasize that a sustainable shoe industry will make our world a livable place. The way for human beings to be able to walk around the earth with shoes for thousands more years is to reduce their carbon footprint. For this, we all have great responsibilities. I believe that the participants of the World Shoe Congress are here with this understanding of responsibility.”

Istanbul is the ideal location for the World Footwear Congress

European Footwear Confederation (CEC) President Luis Onofre also stated that Istanbul, which is the crossroads of different continents, cultures and civilizations, is an ideal place for the World Shoe Congress.

Stating that the shoe industry plays a very important role in economic growth, innovation and employment, Onofre stated that the World Shoe Congress is a platform where information, ideas and good practices that will shape the future of the industry are shared.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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