Turkiye: Another discount is coming to diesel and gasoline prices

Following the letter passed by EMRA to refinery companies, the first discounts came for gasoline and diesel. Following the ₺1.21 discount on diesel the day before, there was a discount on both gasoline and diesel yesterday.

At the beginning of last week, EMRA sent a letter to refineries asking for a “margin update”. Following the regulation, there will be discounts on both gasoline and diesel. EMRA President Mustafa Yilmaz said, “As a result of the update, there will be a discount of ₺1 to ₺1.5 on gasoline and diesel.”


There was a discount of ₺1.21 in the diesel group. The discount was reflected in the prices at midnight.


Due to the change in ex-refinery prices last Thursday, a discount of ₺1.10 was made in the diesel group and 76 kurus in the gasoline group.

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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